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Arteria AI Welcomes Karin McCaskill

April 12, 2021

Karin McCaskill, recently retired Sobeys GC, will help support and grow Arteria in the legal community

Toronto, Ontario:
Arteria AI Inc. (“Arteria”) announced today that Karin McCaskill will work closely with Arteria’s senior management team as a Marketplace Advisor, focusing on establishing Arteria’s key partnerships and opportunities with emphasis on the legal industry. Karin will consult with the product and sales teams at Arteria AI, where she will leverage her vast experience running the legal department of one of Canada’s largest companies and act as a liaison for Arteria AI within the legal industry.

Karin will be consulting to Arteria AI after an illustrious legal career, most recently at Sobeys Inc., where she retired after serving as General Counsel and Senior Vice President for 15+ years. Karin brings her experience and expertise in legal innovation and legal operations to Arteria AI to help businesses bring in faster and more frictionless contracting. Karin has been recognized as a leader in the legal community, including with the 2019 Stephen Sigurdson Lifetime Achievement award from the Canadian General Counsel Awards (CGCA).

“As General Counsel of a large and complex organization, I saw the challenges with long and expensive contracting processes first-hand. I am excited for this next chapter, where I can bring my experience to Arteria and help the legal industry usher in the new age of digital contracting.”
Karin McCaskill, Marketplace Advisor at Arteria AI.

“We are thrilled to have Karin work with our team. Her unique experience and background will help bring us closer to our clients and help us understand their needs even more deeply.”
Shelby Austin, CEO at Arteria AI.

About Arteria AI

Arteria AI, a global leader in enterprise digital contracting, was developed and incubated at one of the world’s leading professional services firms and has recently spun out as an independent entity to focus on growth. Arteria is a labour of love, built by a dynamic team of technologists, lawyers, data scientists and subject matter experts to unlock value in the contracting process and drive value to our clients. Arteria is out to prove through a data-first approach that contracting currently takes too long and costs too much.  

For further information please reach out to:
Shelby Austin
CEO, Arteria AI