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We build data-centric end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management solutions powered by AI

Our award-winning flagship platform Arteria turns your contracts into data that powers your contracting processes as well as your business itself.

Arteria unlocks the power of your contracts by helping you to generate, negotiate and turn your executed contracts into data that allow you to diagnose problems, identify opportunities and drive value for your organization.
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Arteria is Award-Winning Technology

The Financial Times selected the Arteria platform as the winner of the Intelligent Contracting category in the FT Intelligent Business report.

About Arteria AI


We're a passionate team of lawyers, data scientists, developers and designers, building transformative, AI-enabled solutions for the legal world.

We draw our name from the word artery, that critical pathway which ensures the proper functioning of our bodies. Data is the lifeblood of a business. We see contracts as vital vessels that carry important lifeblood throughout the body of an organization.

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The days of expensive and exhausting contracting are over.

Stop trying to get data out of your contracts. Start with data and get to revenue faster.

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Friction in contracting and its steps
We believe contracting takes too long and costs too much
Arteria Draft Module

Arteria Draft

Your data and inputs are used to create first drafts automatically from potentially hundreds of templates and thousands of variations.

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Arteria Negotiate Module

Arteria Negotiate

Being data-first means you can negotiate with confidence.  Your playbooks and previously negotiated terms are built into Arteria to allow for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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Arteria Flow Module

Arteria Flow

Whether it is one approval or one hundred, Arteria Flow gives you insight into where your documents are, in real time. Arteria Flow allows approvers to work through approvals quickly and clearly.  

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Arteria Analyze Module

Arteria Analyze

Spot bottlenecks and resolve them immediately with Arteria Analyze. Understand which clauses are negotiated or escalated frequently so you can speed up the contracting process.

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Arteria Extract Module

Arteria Extract

Legacy contracts and third party papers still contain valuable information. Using advanced AI you can extract this data to highlight valuable insights.

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Arteria Configure

Point and click tools enables your business to continuously improve critical assets and processes.

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Arteria Configure Module
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Trusted by leading banks around the world

Arteria has a global footprint, supporting several of the world’s largest financial institutions

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Careers at Arteria
We are built by a team of technologists, scientists, lawyers and subject-matter experts.  We believe that we can help the world contract faster by building a transformative AI-enabled platform.  

If this sounds like you, come join our team.
Arteria leadership photos. Clockwise - Jonathan Wong, Abrar Huq, Shelby Austin

Arteria AI Announces Strategic Investment Co-led by Citi SPRINT and BDC Capital

Arteria AI is pleased to announce strategic investment from Citi and BDC

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We draw our name from the word artery, as we believe data is the lifeblood of every organization.  

152 King Street East, Suite 300,
Toronto, ON M5A 1J3

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