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We build data-centric end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management solutions powered by AI

Our award-winning flagship platform Arteria (formerly known as dTrax) turns your contracts into data that powers your contracting processes as well as your business itself.

Arteria unlocks the power of your contracts by helping you to generate, negotiate and turn your executed contracts into data that allow you to diagnose problems, identify opportunities and drive value for your organization.

Arteria is Award-Winning Technology

The Financial Times selected the Arteria platform as the winner of the Intelligent Contracting category in the FT Intelligent Business report.

About Arteria AI


We're a passionate team of lawyers, data scientists, developers and designers, building transformative, AI-enabled solutions for the legal world.

We draw our name from the word artery, that critical pathway which ensures the proper functioning of our bodies. Data is the lifeblood of a business. We see contracts as vital vessels that carry important lifeblood throughout the body of an organization.

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